A Tulum Boho Dream Wedding at Zorba

Updated: Apr 1

We have witnessed several destination weddings, and there is truly something different about them. You gather all your people in one location everyone is together for several days, no one rushing from work, stressed about the day....every guest is truly present in this place you've chosen and there's nothing like it.

For us, we are given the opportunity to really dive in. There are typically a few days of coverage as opposed to an 8-10 hour day. We are there for the parties, the dinners, the beach days. We get to see the relationships, the inside jokes, the raw.

The difference is, we start to become part of the family. The cameras disappear, and what we get at the end of it.....YOU and YOUR people.....

We can't say it enough, this job is pretty freaking cool. It's an honor every single time.

now.....this is S + G in Tulum.


And one final note from us........BOOK A DAY AFTER SESSION!